52 week low
52 week low

52-week low Prices of Nifty100 & Nifty50 Stocks

This stock list consists of shares from Nifty50 and Nifty100 indices which have hit 52 week low levels in their listed stock prices. This stock list provides weekly list of stocks which have hit the low levels in Indian market on NSE stock exchange.

the list comprises of the price performance of the stocks with detailed categorisation of sectors along with their index descriptions.

This list comprises of Nifty index stocks for week ending 21 Oct,2023. Only one stock from Oil Gas & Consumable Fuels sector was added to the list.

Table: 52-Week low stocks on NSE – Nifty50 & Nifty100

Stock Symbol52 Week LowDateIndexSector
ATGL586.019-Oct-23Nifty100Oil Gas & Consumable Fuels

Source: NSE