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Top10: Nifty Index Shares with 14%-76% Price Gain in 2wk of June

Despite swing in the market due to US Fed rate announcement, some of the stocks managed to defy the negative trend in the market and managed to close the week on...

Top Stocks with 50%-99% Price Returns in June

Fourteen stocks witnessed steep rise in their stock price during past eleven days of the month. Three of these stocks were from Nifty500 & Nifty250 index. KM Sugar Mills (NSE: KMSUGAR)...


Last week Indian capital markets kept its momentum and closed the week on a high note post monetary policy announcement. Markets soared back to high levels it scored earlier in January....
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Ten Most Consistent Nifty Stocks with upto120% Price Gains Since Jan 2020

Based on Weekly Price Momentum of Nifty Index Shares Since January this year a number of Nifty Index stocks have registered tremendous price gains despite major fall in prices during lockdown period....

Price Momentum: Top Five Consistent Price Return Stocks with upto 176% Gains

Top price momentum share for past nine weeks based on weekly trend during Jan & Feb 2020   During first two months of 2020, a number of shares on Nifty have consistently performed...

Price Momentum: Top Five Price Return Stocks with 16%-53% Returns

Price momentum shares trend based on weekly performance Top five shares which have performed consistently over period of eight weeks have delivered positive price returns on 7-8 weeks, Karda Constructions(NSE: KARDA) is...

SRF Share Price has risen 45% in Three Months

Based on weekly price momentum for last three months SRF Limited (NSE: SRF) has been one of most consistent price performers on Nifty during last three months. While most of mid tier...
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Top Price Momentum Shares : KITEX, SRF, SUPREMEIND

Top price momentum share for past eight weeks based on weekly trend KITEX, SRF and SUPREMEIND are three top stocks that have given positive price returns on traded weeks between Dec 2019...
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KOTAKGOLD the most consistent Price Performer Scrip in H2 2019

KOTAKGOLD, the listed ETF scrip on NSE was the most consistent price performer during H2 2019. During 30 Trading sessions in past six months the scrip emerged as the best performer, it...

Alps Industries was best Price Return Penny stock in Q4 2019; gave 700% Returns

Alps Industries (NSE: ALPSINDUS) was the only listed stock on NSE that gave positive price return on eleven weeks out of thirteen rolling weeks for last quarter of 2019. Alps gave...
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Investment Ideas

Best Company Fixed Deposits with 8% to 9 % Interest Rate

There is huge segment of investors which are looking for higher fixed returns than  fixed deposits offered by commercial banks. These investors are high...
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