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Top Five: Large Cap Regular Funds with 10-14% Returns in Long-term

Largecap Regular Funds return as on Feb 25 2020   There are 28 Large Cap Regular Mutual Fund schemes operating in Indian market and a large number of these schemes are in operation...
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Top Ten Large-Cap Equity Mutual Funds

Top Ten Large-Cap Equty Fund based on AUM Size    There are twenty eight Large-Cap Equty Fund schemes in operation currently in India. Total Asset Under Management (AUM) of these funds amounted to...

Best Performing Large Cap Mutual Fund Schemes

Only a few of the large-Cap MF schemes with highest Assets Under Management (AUM) have delivered consistent growth performance. Top 10 Large Cap MF Schemes as on 7 Sep Best Performers in Near...
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Three Cheapest Mutual Fund ELSS Schemes under 50 with 10%+ Returns...

ELSS schemes are major concern for the investor who is looking for safe & high returns while availing tax benefits but investing in ELSS...
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