Most Traded Penny Stocks in India

There are nine penny stocks on NSE which are traded in very high volumes on everyday basis. The trade volume of these stocks are over 3crores, and it ranges between 3-10 crore shares for respective stocks on NSE itself.

All the nine stocks are priced under Rs 100. IDEA is the cheapest penny stock in the list and it also the most traded penny stock on NSE with trading volume of over 7.8 crores.

Two of the most traded penny stocks on NSE are from the financial services/ banking sector -IDFCFIRSTB and YESBANK.

List of Most traded penny stocks on NSE as on 26 May 2023 –

Stock Close Price Trade Vol Index Change
RPOWER 13.05       33,69,37,268 13%
SUZLON 10       14,93,72,185 Nifty500 8%
ZOMATO 67.25         8,64,66,135 Nifty100 6%
IDEA 7.05         7,82,62,217 Nifty500 1%
IRFC 31.9         5,22,80,306 Nifty500 -4%
IDFCFIRSTB 69.85         4,50,50,454 Nifty500 5%
YESBANK 15.6         3,40,64,577 Nifty500 0%
BHEL 78.95         3,40,64,193 Nifty500 0%
NATIONALUM 84.6         3,03,38,647 Nifty500 4%
SAIL 82.1         2,66,73,130 Nifty500 0%

Source: NSE




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