GUJGASLTD & VEDANTA hit 52-week Low in September

GUJGASLTD & VEDANTA hit 52-week Low in September

Huge volatility in the Indian stock market impacted most of the stocks. There were a number of Nifty stocks in the list of the stocks which reached the bottom level. Some Nifty Index stocks at 52-week low levels were witnessed. Index stocks from from Nifty100 and Nifty500 were in the list. Prominent stocks such as GUJGASLTD & Vedanta hit 52-week low in September.

The list comprises of only the Nifty stocks from Nifty100, Nifty200 and Nifty500 index. All the stocks in the list were from different sectors.

DELTACORP was the cheapest stock in the list and HGS share was most expensive in the list. All the shares in the list were priced below Rs500 with exception of HGS.

Table: Nifty Stocks GUJGASLTD & Vedanta hit Low

Symbol 52-Wk Low Price Date Index Sector
DELTACORP                    134.7 26-Sep-23 Nifty500 Consumer Services
GUJGASLTD                    414.0 28-Sep-23 Nifty200 Oil Gas & Consumable Fuels
HGS                    992.1 28-Sep-23 Nifty500 Services
ORIENTELEC                    214.5 20-Sep-23 Nifty500 Consumer Durables
TCNSBRANDS                    355.1 28-Sep-23 Nifty500 Textiles
VEDL                    208.0 28-Sep-23 Nifty100 Metals & Mining

Data Source: NSE