Index stocks at 52-week Low Price in May

Nifty Index stocks at 52-week Low Price in May

There were 17 Nifty100 and Nifty500 index stocks at 52-week low level prices in May, 2023. Majority of stocks in the list were from Chemicals, Healthcare, Consumer Services and Textile sector.

Only two stocks out of the list were from Nifty100 Index, ATGL and GLAND.

Stock List: Nifty100/Nifty500 Index shares at 52-week low

Stock 52-Week Low Date Index Sector
AAVAS                1,376.0 24-May-23 Nifty500 Financial Services
ABFRL                   184.4 23-May-23 Nifty500 Consumer Services
AFFLE                   866.5 15-May-23 Nifty500 Information Technology
ATGL                   633.4 19-May-23 Nifty100 Oil Gas & Consumable Fuels
ATUL                6,530.0 02-May-23 Nifty500 Chemicals
BALAMINES                1,880.0 22-May-23 Nifty500 Chemicals
BCG                       9.4 02-May-23 Nifty500 Information Technology
BLUEDART                5,631.8 08-May-23 Nifty500 Services
DBL                   159.6 19-May-23 Nifty500 Construction
GLAND                   861.0 22-May-23 Nifty100 Healthcare
GLAXO                1,227.0 03-May-23 Nifty500 Healthcare
IPCALAB                   669.8 22-May-23 Nifty500 Healthcare
ORIENTELEC                   215.7 22-May-23 Nifty500 Consumer Durables
SUMICHEM                   382.0 19-May-23 Nifty500 Chemicals
TCNSBRANDS                   391.4 09-May-23 Nifty500 Textiles
TEAMLEASE                2,007.3 09-May-23 Nifty500 Services
VMART                1,995.0 19-May-23 Nifty500 Consumer Services

source: NSE Data