Top 10: NIIT, HATSUN, RELEXO & Others with 3700% Vol Gains

Top 10: NIIT, HATSUN, RELEXO, FMGOETZE & Other Stocks with upto 3700% Vol Gains

Indian capital markets remained in the upswing mode during the week and was further propelled by stimulus announcement by the government. A number of stocks witnessed spike in traded volumes and share prices. Top ten volume momentum stocks comprised of shares from various industries but was dominated by Financial Services sector followed by Consumer Goods. List of Top 10 includes NIIT, HATSUN, RELEXO & Others.

Nifty250 and Nifty500 dominated top ten stocks with four companies from each index while remaining two companies were from Nifty100.

top ten stocks

Source: NSE

Hatsun Agro Product (NSE: HATSUN) was the topmost share both in terms of volume momentum and price gains. HATSUN stock registered spike of 3734% during last week and delivered price gains of 20%. HATSUN Stock rose to Rs31.55 from Rs 26.4. NIIT Ltd (NSE: NIIT) was the second in top ten list. NIIT witnessed spike of 1475% during last week. NIIT stock delivered price gains of 7% during the week. Its stock price rose to Rs 882 from Rs 824.

New India Assurance Company (NSE: NIACL) was one of three financial services stocks that made it to top ten list. NIACL registered 797% volume spike during the week and also delivered 12% price gains during the week. Its stock price rose to 114.95 by Friday from Rs102.9. Motilal Oswal Financial Services (NSE: MOTILALOFS) registered 446% volume spike and delivered a meager 1% price gains. General Insurance Corporation of India (NSE: GICRE) registered 419% volume spike during the week. GICRE delivered only 3% price gains during the week. Its stock rose to Rs 125 by Friday from Rs 121.

Relaxo Footwears (NSE: RELEXO) witnessed 232% volume spike during the week. Stock delivered 5% price gains during the week. Its stock price rose to Rs 727 by Friday from Rs 693. Federal-Mogul Goetze (India) Ltd (NSE: FMGOETZE) registered only 218% spike in the traded volume during the week. But, the stock managed to deliver 9% price gains. FMGOETZE stock rose to Rs 282 from Rs 252.

Kitex Garments (NSE: KITEX) and MMTC ltd (NSE: MMTC) were the stocks that delivered upto 1% price gains during the week.

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