Top Five ELSS Schemes (Regular) in 2023

Top Five ELSS Schemes – Regular

There are 34 Regular Schemes in the ELSS segment of Mutual funds. Out 34 schemes only 24 have been in existence for over 10 year period. All of the big schemes in terms of AUM have assets over Rs 5,000 crores.

Performance as on June 2023

Top five ELSS Regular Schemes have delivered double digit growth in near-to-long-term investment periods. DSP Tax Saver Fund is the only ELSS Scheme in the top five performers has AUM of over Rs 11,000 crores. It is also the only large ELSS scheme in the top five list. None of the remaining four schemes have AUM size greater than Rs 5,000 to be called a large scheme.

Quant Tax Plan is the best performing ELSS Regular scheme with 22.9% returns for investment period of 10yrs. Quant is also the only fund scheme to have delivered over 205 returns for the investment period of 3yrs, 5yrs and 10yrs. None of the other top performers have delivered returns over 20% for all three span of investment.

Bandhan Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund is the second best performer with 18.3% returns for 10yr investment followed by DSP Tax Saver Fund with 17.4% returns for the same duration.

JM Tax Gain Fund and Bank of India Tax Advantage Fund have near identical returns of 17.1% and 17% for 10yr investment period.

Table: Top ELSS Schemes as on June 2023

Scheme NameNAV Regular3-Yr (%) Regular5-Yr (%) Regular10-Yr (%) Regular
Quant Tax Plan252.940.623.322.9
Bandhan Tax Advantage (ELSS) Fund111.833.614.818.2
DSP Tax Saver Fund89.726.115.217.4
JM Tax Gain Fund32.527.515.017.1
Bank of India Tax Advantage Fund108.728.215.217.0
Axis Long Term Equity Fund71.117.910.616.9

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