Top Ten: Index Shares with 300%-7000% Volume Gains

Top Ten: Index Shares with 300%-7000% Volume Gains

Despite Indian capital markets losing its momentum at the end of the week, a number of Nifty Index shares gained considerably in both volume and price terms during last week. Top ten volume momentum shares largely comprised of five from Nifty250, two from Nifty100 & Nifty50 and remaining each from Nifty50 and Nifty500. Pharma shares dominated top ten Index Volume momentum list for the week of Sep 11-18. Out of top ten stocks five were from the pharma sector, remaining were from energy, industrials and financial services.

Essel Propack (NSE: ESSELPACK) was the index share with topmost volume momentum during past 10 days. The stock witnessed 7153% rise in its volume during last 10 days, last Friday its trading volume rose by 3196%, this was largely negative momentum as the stock was only one in the top ten to deliver negative price returns, stock tanked by 14% during the week.

Dr.Reddy’s Laboratories (NSE: DRREDDY) not only gained 1686% in its traded volumes during last ten days but also delivered highest price gains during the week. Share price of DRREDDY rose by 21% during the week. Lupin (NSE: LUPIN) was another pharma stock which converted high volume trading momentum into steep rise in its stock price during the week. LUPIN delivered 13% price gains during the week as its traded volume rose by 588% in last ten days.

Natco Pharma (NSE: NATCOPHARM) was another stock which witnessed massive spike in traded volumes. Its stock volume rose by 4136% during past ten days. NATCOPHARM also delivered positive price returns during the week, infact was third highest with price gains of 11% during the week. Cadila Healthcare (NSE: CADILAHC) was another stock that also delivered 11% price gains during the week. CADILAHC witnessed over 500% rise in its traded volumes during past ten days, last Friday stock witnessed 211% rise in traded volumes.

Data Source: NSE