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Top Ten: Vol Momentum Shares with 700%+  Gains

Week of Mar 09-13 saw high volume trading in number of stocks listed on NSE which resulted in number of stocks gaining high volume momentum. All the top ten Vol momentum shares have risen more than 700% during last week but also gained momentum during last two trading sessions.

Despite the fact Indian capital markets remained in downward spiral for most of the week and swung to buying mode in Friday.

top ten volume momentum index share nifty

Source: NSE

Top ten volume momentum shares largely comprised of Nifty500, Nifty250 and a stock from Nifty100 index. Nifty 500 stocks comprised most of the list with seven out of ten stocks.  Sectoral composition was mix of Fin Services, Consumer Goods, manufacturing and IT.

Lakshmi Vilas Bank Ltd (NSE: LAKSHVILAS) was the stock with highest volume range preceding two weeks before the run. The stock traded volume ranged above 1M and by end of the week its trading volume had risen to 8million. LAKSVILAS was also the only share in top ten to remain positive during the week and it attracted more buyers compared to sellers. LAKSVILAS stock price rose by 12% when all other shares fell. Religare Enterprises Ltd (NSE:RELIGARE) was another financial services stock in top ten but it witnessed selloff like other shares.

Varroc Engineering Ltd (NSE:VARROC) witnessed highest  volume gains, the stock witnessed 4700% rise in volumes during the week which was largely due to the sell witnessed in the stock. VARROC share price declined by 31% during the week.

TTK Prestige Ltd (NSE: TTKPRESTIG) was the only share in top ten to witnessed least decline in its prices during the week. TTKPRESTIG share price declined only by 4% during the week.