Top1O: JBCHEPHARM, VAIBHAVGBL & Others with 120% Gains

Top1O: JBCHEPHARM, VAIBHAVGBL & Other Nifty Stocks with 50% -120% Price Gains

JBCHEPHARM, VAIBHAVGBL & ESCORTS deliver 100%+ price gains

Since January this year a number of Nifty Index stocks have registered tremendous price gains despite major fall in prices during lockdown period. Out of top ten stocks five are from Nifty500 and remaining from Nifty250 indices. Four of the ten stocks with most consistent price performance are from IT sector followed by pharma sector.

Most of the stocks registered a steep fall during march-june period and went into recovery later gained momentum in August & September period.

top ten price stocks

Source: NSE

J B Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals (NSE: JBCHEPHARM) was the topmost share in terms of price returns, the stock delivered 129% price gain during Jan – Sep period, the stock rose to Rs 982 from Rs 429 in Jan 2020.

Vaibhav Global (NSE: VAIBHAVGBL) was the most second best price performer, the stock rose 120% to Rs 1880 on 30 Sep from Rs 849 in the beginning of the year and despite major fall during lockdown. ESCORTS was very close with 118% price gains during the same period, the stock rose from Rs606 in Jan to Rs 1321 on 30 Sep.

Two IT services stocks Persistent Systems (NSE: PERSISTENT) and Firstsource Solutions (NSE: FSL) delivered over 80% price gains between Jan and Sep. PERSISTENT rose to Rs 1337 from Rs 706 in Jan to deliver 89% price returns. FSL on the other hand delivered 82% price gains during the same period, the stock rose to Rs 72.8 at the end of Sep from Rs 40 in the beginning of the year.

Larsen & Toubro Infotech (NSE: LTI) and Tata Exlsi (NSE: TATAEXLSI) were two other IT stocks that consistently gained during this period. TATAEXLSI rose by 55% and LTI stock price rose by 42% during this period.

Atul Ltd (NSE: ATUL) and Coromandel International (NSE: COROMANDEL) were two stocks in chemical and fertilizer segment that delivered consistent price performance throughout this period. ATUL stock price rose 50% and COROMANDEL stock rose by 45% during Jan-Sep period.

A number of these stocks also made it to the Most Consistent Price Return Stocks Jan-Sep 2020 period.