Beer & Vodka Imports grow fastest in India

Beer & Vodka Imports grow fastest in India; Vodka at CAGR of 60%

Malt Beer & Vodka Imports have emerged as two of the fastest growing alcoholic drinks imported in India during last five years between 2014 and 2018. Vodka has grown at the rate of CAGR 60% during this period, though in terms of value of imports it still remains the smallest segment in alcohol imports. The value of Vodka imports stood at $81K in 2018 out of $58Mn alcohol import in India. Vodka imports have witnessed biggest spike as overall alcohol import by India grew at CAGR of 6%.

Beer is another alcoholic drink that has witnessed surge in imports during last five years in India. Beer imports have trebled in last five years, growing at CAGR of 23%. In 2018, value of beer imports in India stood at $12.7 Mn compared to $4. 6 Mn in 2014.

Alcohol imports in India are still largely dominated by whiskies and ethyl alcohol imports. Whiskey is second largest alcohol import segment in India around $200Mn worth of whiskey is imported in India annually.

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