Alps Industries best Price Return Penny stock in Q4 2019

Alps Industries best Price Return Penny stock in Q4 2019; gave 700% Returns

Alps Industries (NSE: ALPSINDUS) was the only listed stock on NSE that gave positive price return on eleven weeks out of thirteen rolling weeks for last quarter of 2019. Alps gave negative stock return only on a single trading week during whole quarter.

Source: NSE

Alps witnessed huge spike on the trading price of its listed stock on NSE. During beginning of the Quarter in October price of the stock stood at Rs 0.35 and rose marginally over 10% till beginning on November. But by end of November it had climbed to Rs 1.2 and then in next month it doubled from its November base to Rs 2.45

Alps stock price grew by 700% in just one quarter, but Alps was not only a penny stock which witnessed sudden spike in its price for a few trading days or weeks, its price grew consistently over period of time and the stock continued to give positive price returns on weekly trading.

Alps industries was the most consistent price momentum share on NSE during Q4 2019. It was the only stock that gave positive price returns on weekly trade for 11 or more weeks during last quarter of the year.