KOTAKGOLD was most consistent Performer in H2 2019

KOTAKGOLD was most consistent Performer Scrip in H2 2019

KOTAKGOLD was most consistent performing listed ETF scrip on NSE during H2 2019. During 30 Trading sessions in past six months the scrip emerged as the best performer, it gave positive price returns on weekly trade for 16 weeks and price returns remained neutral for 7 weeks. Only for 7 out of 30 trading weeks KOTAKGOLD saw negative price returns on weekly trading.

KOTAKGOLD was most consistent

KOTAKGOLD was the price performer amongst all types of traded instruments on NSE during second half of 2019. It proved to be the best bet investors had during the second half of the year. Investors were also rewarded for their investment as KOTAKGOLD price rose considerably during this period. KOTAKGOLD gained 120% during this period.

At the beginning on June, KOTAKGOLD ETF stood at 282.85 on NSE and it continued to climb week after week and by end of the year price stood at 342. 65 on 27 December. Significantly this period was marked by increased volatility due to adverse economic scenario in the country which also added flight of capital to safe instruments such as gold ETFs.

The 30 week price momentum analysis was based on the weekly price trend. It analyzed closing price at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week to calculate the price performance for each week.

Source: NSE

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