DHARSUGAR, GTL & RENUKA with upto 154% Price Returns

DHARSUGAR, GTL & RENUKA with upto 154% Price Returns in June

In the month of June, ten stocks with 85%-154% Price Returns have become the highest growth delivered stocks. Out of these ten stocks only two stocks were from Nifty Indices. DHARSUGAR, GTL & RENUKA were top price performing stocks in the list.

Table: Top ten share with 85%-154% price gains


source: NSE Data

Dharani Sugars and Chemicals (NSE:DHARSUGAR) was the best performing stock in the list, DHARSUGAR managed to deliver 154% price returns during this period. Its stock price rose to Rs25.55 from Rs10.05. GTL Ltd (NSE: GTL) managed to came closer with 134% price returns.

Renuka Sugars (NSE: RENUKA) and Brightcom Group (NSE: BCG) were other two stocks that managed to deliver price returns above 120%. RENUKA shares gained 125% while BCG gained 121% during this period.

SREI Infrastructure Finance (NSE: SREINFRA) was another Nifty500 stock in the list. SERINFRA delivered 111% price returns during this period.

RTNPOWER was the one of the six stocks that managed to gain over 100% during June. RTNPOWER delivered 106% price gains.

Diligent Media Corporation (NSE: DNAMEDIA), Sri Havisha Hospitality And Infrastructure (NSE: HAVISHA), Khadim India (NSE: KHADIM) and Indosolar Ltd (NSE: INDOSOLAR) delivered price returns between 93% to 85%.