Max Financial share price rises 17% in a week touches Rs 562

Max Financial share price rises 17% in a week touches Rs 562

Week of Feb17- 21 saw high volume trading in number of stocks listed on NSE which resulted in number of stocks gaining high volume momentum.  Top ten witnessed rise of more than 1000% in traded volumes not only during last week but also during the fortnight (Read:Top Ten Shares with 1000%+ Rise in Volumes).  Max Financial share price was amongst top ten volume shares during the week.

There were ten stocks in the list which mostly comprised of mid-caps. These stocks witnessed huge spike in the trading volumes during the week and momentum gained closer towards the weekend.

Source: NSE

Max Financial Services (NSE: MFSL) was the only financial services scrip in the top ten volume momentum list, it was amongst two of Nifty 250 shares on high volume momentum list other being PHOENIXLTD. MFSL saw over 200% rise in its traded volume of shares during last week. On 10th Feb only 400K stocks were traded before the spike in volumes, by the end of last week on 20th Feb the traded share volume had rise to 26.6 million shares.

MFSL witnessed positive momentum in its share trading which was reflected in the gains in its share price during last week. Share prices of MFSL also witnessed spike by 17% during last week.

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