Nifty Index Stocks at 52-week Low in Jul

Nifty Index Stocks at 52-week Low

Despite the huge rally in the Indian stock market for most of the July, there were a number of Nifty stocks in the list of the stocks which reached the bottom level. Some Nifty Index stocks at 52-week low levels were witnessed.

The list comprises of only the Nifty stocks from Nifty50, Nifty100 and Nifty500 index. Most of the stocks were from Chemicals and Consumer Durables sector.

Table: Nifty Stocks at 52-week Low

Stock 52-Week Low Date Index Sector
ATUL            6,466.8 21-Jul-23 Nifty500 Automobile and Auto Components
CAMPUS               298.0 27-Jul-23 Nifty500 Consumer Durables
JKPAPER               306.4 10-Jul-23 Nifty500 Forest Materials
RAJESHEXPO               505.1 27-Jul-23 Nifty500 Consumer Durables
SRF            2,040.0 25-Jul-23 Nifty100 Chemicals
UPL               624.1 25-Jul-23 Nifty50 Chemicals
JCHAC               950.6 28-Jul-23 Nifty500 Consumer Durables

Source: NSE