Three Chemical Stocks with 22-26% YTD Price Gains in June

Three Chemical Stocks with 22-26% YTD Price Gains in June

There are 44 index stocks belonging to the chemical sector of NSE.  Majority of the stocks are from Nifty500, a few from Nifty100 and only one from Nifty50 index. Though a large majority of chemical stocks delivered negative YTD price gains and some remaining negative in the month of June itself.

There were a few stocks which delivered positive gains throughout the year, month and in the June Quarter. There were only three stocks which consistently delivered double digit price gains in the month of June, in June Quarter and on YTD June performance.

Table: Top Performing Chemical Stocks NSE

Stock Index 30-Jun YTD June QTR June
AETHER Nifty500         1,067.9 26% 16% 18%
PCBL Nifty500            162.8 23% 40% 18%
FACT Nifty500            434.4 22% 101% 44%

Source: NSE Data

Aether Industries (NSE: AETHER) was the topmost stock in terms of YTD performance with 26% price gains and 18% price gain in June itself. AETHER was on the most expensive stock in the list with closing price 1,069 on 30 June.

PCBL Ltd (NSE: PCBL) was the second best performer in terms of YTD price gains as it witnessed 23% price rise on YTD basis. PCBL stock price also rose by  18% in June.

Fertilisers And Chemicals Travancore Ltd (NSE: FACT) share price gained 22% on YTD basis by the end of June. FACT share price rose by 44% in the month of June. In June Quarter its share price gained 101%.

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