Best Multicap Fund Schemes in India

Best Multicap Fund Schemes – Open Ended Equity Fund (Regular)

There are 14 open-ended Multi-cap fund regular schemes in India. Very few schemes have consistently performed well in the market. listed Multi-cap mutual fund schemes were assessed on their long-term growth performance in 5yr period and 10yr period returns. There top five schemes in the multi-cap fund schemes category which have delivered over 15% investment returns.  All the top schemes have delivered double digit growth.

Three out of top five fund schemes does not have large AUM, their daily AUM size in below Rs5,000 crores. Remaining two have higher daily AUM size. Nippon India Multi Cap Fund has daily AUM size of Rs17,441 crores, and ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund has daily AUM size of 7,972 crores as on 30 June 2023.

Multicap Fund Schemes as on June 

Quant Active Fund is the best performing multi-cap scheme with 21.9% for 10-yr and 21.5% for 5-yr investment period. Invesco India Multicap Fund and Nippon India Multi Cap Fund are at second & third position respectively.

Table: Best Multicap Fund schemes in long-term as on 30 Jun 2023

Scheme NameNAV Regular (Rs)Return 3 Year (%) RegularReturn 5 Year (%) RegularReturn 10 Year (%) RegularAUM (Rs Cr.)
Quant Active Fund464.936.621.521.94,755
Invesco India Multicap Fund85.826.012.417.92,587
Nippon India Multi Cap Fund190.037.816.816.817,441
Sundaram Multi Cap Fund256.725.811.916.41,986
ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund518.128.313.716.27,972