Top10 Large Cap MF schemes with 28%-32% Growth

Top10 Large Cap MF schemes with 28%-32% Growth in 2021

Last year witnessed a major bull run in the Indian capital markets which continued from the beginning to late in the November. Major listed stocks especially large cap stocks were the biggest gainers of the run. This impact was visible on the performance of Large cap mutual fund schemes. A huge number of schemes delivered more than 20% growth in the year, in fact 28 MF schemes in the large cap funds segment delivered over 20% returns. A select few made it to the top ten list, majority of them were benchmarked against Nifty100/Sensex 100. Six out of ten were benchmarked against Nifty100.Top10 Large cap MF list

All the funds in the top five list delivered over 30% returns. Franklin India Bluechip Fund was the top performer last year as it delivered 32.76% returns during one year period. Other three also delivered over 32% returns. Tata Large Cap Fund at 32.6%, Invesco India Largecap Fund at 32.53% and Nippon India Large Cap Fund at 32.3% were the top four performer. Last one to make it to top five was IDBI India Top 100 Equity with 31.25% returns during 2021.

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The bottom five MF schemes delivered between 28%-29% returns. Mahindra Manulife Large Cap Pragati Yojana delivered 29.69% returns during the same period. UTI Mastershare Fund was very close to predecessor, and it delivered 29.56% returns. ICICI Prudential Bluechip Fund managed to deliver 29.17% during the year.

Union Largecap Fund managed to deliver28.56% and HDFC Top 100 Fund was at the bottom of the list with 28.54% during the year.