Best Multicap Regular Scheme in India -Quant Active Fund

Best Multicap Regular Scheme in India – Open-ended

There are fourteen multicap equity mutual fund open-ended schemes available in India. But, only six muticap fund schemes have existed for period beyond ten years. A very few such schemes have performed consistently over period of time to be considered as best multicap regular scheme in India.

Only four of these fund schemes have delivered double digit returns for different period of time ranging from 3-years to 10-years.

Top Performing Schemes

Quant Active Fund tops the competitors such as Invesco India Multicap Fund, Baroda BNP Paribas Multi Cap Fund, ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund and Nippon India Multi Cap Fund in terms of delivering better returns at three different comparable point of time- 3-yr, 5-yr & 10-yr return period.

In terms of long-term performance Quant Active Fund beat all other fund schemes by margin of 4% as it delivered 20.5% returns compared to next best of Invesco at 15.8%. In 5-yr period, Quant delivered 18.8% returns compared to next best of 12.6% of Nippon India Multicap Fund.

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Table: Best Multicap Scheme in India

Scheme Name 3yr(%) Regular 5yr(%) Regular 10yr (%) Regular
Quant Active Fund 44.11 18.81 20.56
Invesco India Multicap Fund 28.12 9.58 16.82
Nippon India Multi Cap Fund 36.03 12.67 14.72
ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund 30.16 11.03 14.98
Baroda BNP Paribas Multi Cap Fund 27.93 11.20 14.19

Source: AMFI, based on 31Mar,2023 data

Biggest Outperforming Fund Scheme – Quant Active

Quant Active Fund is not only the most consistent top performing multicap scheme but also the only fund scheme in the multicap segment to outperform its benchmark index – Nifty500.

No other muticap fund schme has been able to beat the benchmark performance at three different point of time. Quant Active Fund has delivered returns much higher than the benchmark in 3-yr, 5-yr as well as in 10-yr returns.

Timeline Quant Active Fund Benchmark Performance
3 Year (%) Regular 44.1% 33.0%
5 Year (%) Regular 18.8% 11.1%
10 Year (%) Regular 20.6% 15.4%

Source: AMFI

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