SCHNEIDER Volume Up 3571%, Price 137% in a Week

Momentum Stock: SCHNEIDER Volume Up 3571%, Price 137% in a Week

Week of Feb03- 07 saw intense trading on NSE which resulted in number of stocks gaining volume momentum in indiscriminate proportion.  All the shares in top ten have risen more than 1000% not only during last week but also during the fortnight.  Of the ten shares with highest volume gains only one stock witnessed decline in price by end of the week and two stocks witnessed swing in their prices as their gains ware neutralized. Other seven stocks saw positive price change during the spike in volume. Schneider Electric Infrastructure Ltd (NSE : SCHNEIDER) and Symphony Ltd  (NSE: SYMPHONY) were the two shares that not only witnessed biggest volume momentum during the week but also saw some of the highest price gains. Schneider volume went up by 3571% during this period.

Momentum Stock: Schneider & other Stocks

Source: NSE

Schneider stock price was up by 137% to Rs 107.95 from Rs78 in the beginning of the week.  Symphony also witnessed major spike in price it gained 113% during the week, up from Rs 1,203 to 1,368 by the end of week.

Schneider stock witnessed spike in prices post quarterly results announcement saw good rise overall sales and turned profitable after reporting loss in the previous quarter.

Schneider is currently trading well above its 200 days moving average of Rs 81.1 and 20 days moving average of Rs 84.